Curry Plant & Summer Glory

girl’s vintage inspired summer dress in egg yolks yellow.

I just got a roll of films developed from our local photo lab. And I love the romance of waiting and not knowing. This litle story was shot when the heat wave hit us.  Here’s to our glorious summer memory.

the clusters of yellow flowers,

held down by the silvery blue stems.

the wind blew.

somewhat bitter,

in reminiscent of sage smell.

the net curtain touches the curry plant,

down is the falling papery flowerheads.


Ever so curious with plants.

“Mummy, It smells!”

“Hmmm, it doesn’t fly like the dandelion.”

“Come on, let’s hug anyway.”

What is the your most memorable moment this summer? Please share in the comment below. Thanks for reading this. xxx

Lilly’s wearing a belted vintage inspired summer dress from Mardi-Amber.

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